Tips on when to stop worrying and start acting from a Wuhan coronavirus evacuee

A child wears a medical mask out of concern over the Coronavirus at the JFK terminal that serves planes bound for China.
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

UUnless you’re constitutionally incapable of worry (in which case, wow, enjoy!), the novel coronavirus outbreak has likely stirred up some anxiety. Across the world, people are stockpiling resources and canceling travel. But how can you tell the difference between ordinary levels of concern and an anxiety-fueled overreaction?

I had to…

Specifically in these 5 situations

The first time I remember being regifted something I was shocked. I believe it was middle school and my best friend handed me one of those cute dollar store bags (not personalized) for my birthday. …

Friendsgiving And A Greater Lesson On Choosing Family!

I love the concept of Friendsgiving. It brings the conversation of chosen family to the forefront. I attended my first one, last year, although I had no desire to go. My son and I had just landed the night before coming from…

Women of color journalists rarely get the opportunity to conduct such an interview, much less do the absolute least

Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

This article’s main purpose is a critique of the Vogue cover story about Rihanna, written by Abby Aguirre. And let’s be clear, I’m not a celebrity stan but a journalist who holds a degree in the field and many years and publications to back my experience. …

Imani Bashir

Writer & World Traveler IG & Twitter: @sheisimanib!

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