Written with Muhammad Ibn Bashir.

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar — the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the month in which all Muslims hope to develop consciousness of Allah through fasting. The fast of Ramadan is an obligation on every able-bodied Muslim with exceptions granted to pregnant, menstruating or nursing woman, men and women who are ill or traveling, and children who have yet to hit puberty. …


The pandemic and anti-Black violence have our Black family reconsidering what home means to us

Photo: Tony Anderson/Getty Images

It’s a common refrain these days, especially among Black Americans: “I’ve just got to get out of this country.” But how do you actually find a new home abroad? After years of nomadic living, my family and I have recently found a place to settle, and so I can tell you this much: You have to ask yourself a couple of serious questions first — mostly about yourself.

What are you trying to solve for in your personal life?

What is your current life missing? …

School was in session from the Aunties to their nieces and we were listening

An “auntie” in the Black community is a term of endearment to the women who grew and nurtured us outside of our mother’s bosom. It is not a matter of age, but wisdom that is imparted for you to take in and take heed. They are the ones who shoot the glances when you’ve done just a bit too much and at the same time will hit you with a shot of something you’re not even supposed to be ingesting just yet. …

Tips on when to stop worrying and start acting from a Wuhan coronavirus evacuee

A child wears a medical mask out of concern over the Coronavirus at the JFK terminal that serves planes bound for China.
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Unless you’re constitutionally incapable of worry (in which case, wow, enjoy!), the novel coronavirus outbreak has likely stirred up some anxiety. Across the world, people are stockpiling resources and canceling travel. But how can you tell the difference between ordinary levels of concern and an anxiety-fueled overreaction?

I had to face this head-on recently when a trip to Malaysia ended up doubling as an evacuation. You see, for the last year, I’ve been living in Wuhan, China, with my husband and three-year-old son. We came to Wuhan with open minds. …

Breaking a news story has always set precedence in journalism as a goal to get the jump on other networks or publications. In other terms, “getting the scoop”. The objective behind breaking a news story grants an entity exclusivity of a story and would normally require replication to have “according to”, attached. Decades ago, a breaking story would often have a full 24-hour news cycle before others could catch on to make a follow-up report. This length of time frequently included fact-checking to ensure that what was being reported was factual, firstly.

Nowadays, with social media and technology enhancing how…

Specifically in these 5 situations

The first time I remember being regifted something I was shocked. I believe it was middle school and my best friend handed me one of those cute dollar store bags (not personalized) for my birthday. I was excited because up until that point no one really paid attention to my birthday.

Upon opening the “gift”, I found a black short-sleeved off-the-shoulder shirt (I’d never wear, even now). There were no tags or ANY hint of newness to the shirt. I think I even saw a lint ball or three, come to think of it. From…

Friendsgiving And A Greater Lesson On Choosing Family!

I love the concept of Friendsgiving. It brings the conversation of chosen family to the forefront. I attended my first one, last year, although I had no desire to go. My son and I had just landed the night before coming from the US and back to Chongqing, China where we were based and I was extremely tired. My husband was excited because it was being hosted by other Black American expats and since we had yet to meet other people, I went. …

Women of color journalists rarely get the opportunity to conduct such an interview, much less do the absolute least

Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

This article’s main purpose is a critique of the Vogue cover story about Rihanna, written by Abby Aguirre. And let’s be clear, I’m not a celebrity stan but a journalist who holds a degree in the field and many years and publications to back my experience. I am also a Black woman who is undoubtedly insulted that major publications continuously sidestep Black writers, as a whole.

I first learned of the cringe-worthy article by other Black women writers that I respect, Shanon Lee and Hunter Harris. I didn’t catch the buzz as quickly because I am based in China. I’m…

On pursuing a career in sports journalism as a hijabi

Illustation: Atieh Sohrabi

The idea of being a sports broadcaster never crossed my mind when I was growing up. The scope of possible career options never went beyond teaching, medicine, law, or being “famous” without any true context as to what that means. Growing up Muslim in a non-Muslim society, I was never represented in media, at least not in a way that made being Muslim feel acceptable. I never saw images of women wearing khimar.

I chose my college major based on my father’s guidance; he said I should choose an area in which I excelled. I had a natural ability to…

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