Regifting Is Tacky AF!

Imani Bashir
3 min readDec 26, 2019

Specifically in these 5 situations

The first time I remember being regifted something I was shocked. I believe it was middle school and my best friend handed me one of those cute dollar store bags (not personalized) for my birthday. I was excited because up until that point no one really paid attention to my birthday.

Upon opening the “gift”, I found a black short-sleeved off-the-shoulder shirt (I’d never wear, even now). There were no tags or ANY hint of newness to the shirt. I think I even saw a lint ball or three, come to think of it. From that moment, I’ve decided that regifting is tacky AF! Especially if you fit in these 5 categories:

  1. You tried to regift something old as something new. Who’s gettin married sis? Don’t nobody want your hand-me-down regift that you can clearly see is not even close to new. SHOW ME SOME RECEIPTS! Deoderant smudge. Cracks. Dust. But, you wrapped it and stuck it in a bag/box. NO!
  2. You’re a same circle regifter. Why in God’s name would you even bother regifting something from someone we all go to Taco Tuesday with? Like the person who bought it is not going to notice that it’s being worn, used, or housed by someone in the same circle. If you’re going to regift, then give it to that Secret Santa co-worker you didn’t even know worked in your office until last Wednesday.
  3. You tell the person it’s regifted. It’s bad enough that you’re thoughtless in your regift non-purchase selection, but then you decide to tell the person. “Girl, you know Jasmine gave me that last year.” BITCH! OR you tell the person who got you something that you gave it away. If I find out, I want my money back… TUH!
  4. You regift a personalized item. Did you somehow bypass that your name is EMBROIDERED, CARVED OUT, TATTOOED on this? I’m sure someone at the Goodwill may be happy with it, but I don’t want that shit! You may not like the gift, but at least the person got it personalized just for you. PUT SOME RESPECK ON IT!
  5. You are a repeat regift offender. At this point we ALL know. We don’t even want any gifts anymore. You have stained your reputation in gift-giving and your privileges from bringing anything “gifty” have been revoked. Your mugshot is officially on the board of “MOST UNWANTED”!

Regifting doesn’t really put in any effort. Holidays and birthdays come the same time every damn year. STOP IT! If you’re not sure what to buy, everyone loves cash. And if you don’t have it, be transparent… WE ALL BROKE!

However, regifting doesn’t always have to be tacky. In a case where the person who gifted you understands that you’re regifting something for someone who needs it like a gift card, then okay. Or, maybe the person regifted you some shoes/clothing and the size isn’t a fit and you can’t exchange/return them… okay!

And for anyone reading this double check your gift bag tag because if it ain’t blank and it’s written “TO:” someone else, you’ve been hoodwinked!



Imani Bashir

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